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Georgian Transliteration and Virtual Keyboard

2008-05-26: To those who need to type in Georgian, we are happy to offer our virtual Georgian keyboard.

Greek Transliteration and Greeklish Translation

2008-05-26: Now the Greek community and Greek learners are provided with the Greeklish translator, which converts between Greek and Latin scripts.

Transliteration of Belarusian

2008-05-23: Just after the Bulgarian version, the Belarusian Transliteration converter follows. Any feedback from the users is greatly welcome.

Bulgarian Transliteration

2008-05-23: Today we are expanding our multilingual transliteration service with Bulgarian Transliteration converter and spell checker.

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What is Transliteration?

The word Transliteration comes from Latin transliteratus (trans- "across" + littera "letter"). Transliteration is the method of representing letters or words of one alphabet in the characters of another alphabet or script.

A special case, when transliteration applied to Russian letters to represent them in Latin characters is called Translit. Initially translit was applied only within Russian speaking community (known as "Russian translit") to transliterate Cyrillic texts and later was widely applied to many other Non-Latin languages and alphabets.

Why to use TRANSLIT.CC?

The project TRANSLIT.CC has been created to support both international Internet community and language professionals. Our online Cyrillic converter is a powerful and easy to use tool at the same time. The transliterator is optimized to consume less resources and perform the translation faster than most of the other similar Web applications.

Using this Russian transliteration service you can solve a few tasks. The translit converter can help you to emulate Russian keyboard, thus produce correct Russian Cyrillic letters when you type corresponding Latin (e.g. using English, German, French keyboards) keys. This feature of the transliterator serves as Russian phonetic keyboard and can help you then, when you have no access to the conventional Russian keyboard or Russian keyboard layout. The Russian keyboard emulator is also available for direct access via mouse. The on screen Russian keyboard is located on the right side of the screen under the label "Russian virtual keyboard".

Especially for linguists and professional translators our online Russian transliteration service allows to choose between different Latin-Cyrillic transliteration tables. As for now the GOST 7.79 (Russian: "ГОСТ 7.79") System B standard and ISO 9 standard are supported. Transliteration tables are displayed on the right hand side of the Russian transliteration converter. Choose a preferred Russian transliteration table you can from the drop down selector "Transliteration method" in the right bottom corner of the Russian virtual keyboard.

Interface of the Russian transliteration converter is bilingual and supports English and Russian languages. Switch from one language to another can be made by clicking on the image of Russian/American flag in the top left corner of the Russian translit web site.

How the Russian Translit Converter Works?

Conversion from Latin script to Russian Cyrillic letters is performed in real time as you type. Advantage of this on-the-fly translit conversion is that you can see the result immediately on the screen.

Sometimes you might want to turn the automatic conversion to Russian OFF to type parts of the text in English. This is easily done by pressing the "Auto Convert" button above the transliteration text field or by pressing the Escape (ESC) button on your conventional computer keyboard. To turn the automated conversion to Russian back on, press the same button again.

The Russian translit converter will automatically escape any text written inside of HTML (e.g. <strong>) or BB codes (e.g. [b]). This feature is mainly intended to help those among us who frequently communicates on Russian speaking forums, where the use of HTML or BB codes is a common practice. However if this function is not required, it can be easily disabled by pressing the "Skip Tags" button above the Russian transliteration text area once.

The conversion keys → CYRILLIC and → LATIN are provided to translate text from the input area to Cyrillic or Latin accordingly. If only a part of the text is selected and one of the translit converter keys is pressed, then the conversion will affect only this selected part of the text and the rest of the text will be left in the original script. If no text or the whole text in the translit text area is selected and one of the conversion keys is pressed, then the conversion will be applied to the whole text of the translit text area.

Aside from English to Russian transliteration you can use set of advanced language tools and functions. These features are available from the drop down menu on the down right side of the main translit converter input form. They perform the following tasks:

  • Russian Spell Check - Russian spell checker is an extremely useful feature, which will always keep your texts free of mistakes and misspellings. We strongly recommend to spellcheck your transliterated Russian text after you are finished with typing.
  • Search on - In our opinion Google is the best search engine available on the market. If you select a part of the text in the transliteration converter text area and select the "Search on Google" item, the part of the selected text will be sent for look up to the Google web site. If the whole text or no text has been selected then the whole text contained in the Russian transliteration text field will be sent for search to Google.
  • Search on - Yandex is another popular search engine among Russian speaking community. In comparison to Google it will search only withing Russian part of the Internet. The same selection rules which were described above are applied here.
  • Search on - Rambler is also an old Russian search engine and entertainment portal. The same as Yandex will search only within Russian part of the Internet. The same text selection rules as described for Google.
  • Russian to English Translation - Using this feature, now you can look up any Russian word in the Russian→English dictionary or translate part of the Russian text into English using a machine translator. Which operation will be chosen depends on your selection. If you selected (highlighted) only one Russian word the the word will be sent for look up to the dictionary. If more than one word were selected or no selection was made and the transliteration text area contains some text, then the converter assumes that you want to translate the text using the machine translator and will send you to our partner website which will try to translate the text from Russian into English.
  • Russian to German Translation - This will perform exactly the same operation as for the Russian to English Translation but only into German language. The same selection rules are applied here.
  • Russian to French Translation - This will perform exactly the same operation as for the Russian to English Translation but only into French language. The same selection rules are applied here.
  • Russian to Spanish Translation - This will perform exactly the same operation as for the Russian to English Translation but only into Spanish language. The same selection rules are applied here.
  • Your Favorite Service - Do you think we could add some useful function here? Then please drop us a short message and maybe the next time you will find your favorite service here!

All input and output, as well as the whole Cyrillic-Latin converter web site, is designed in the universal character set Unicode, utilizing the UTF-8 encoding. This is the latest standard and should be compatible with most of the modern world wide web (www) browsers and text processors.

Terms of Service

TRANSLIT.CC (web site and its subdomains) at its sole discretion, may choose to change the terms, conditions and operation of this online transliteration service anytime. By using the Russian transliteration service the user waives any rights or claims it may have against TRANSLIT.CC and all other affiliates/partners. Without limiting the foregoing, TRANSLIT.CC transliteration tool shall not be liable to you or your business for any incidental, consequential, special, or punitive damages or lost of imputed profits or royalties arising out of this terms or any goods or services provided, whether for breach of warranty or any obligation arising therefrom or otherwise, whether liability is asserted in contract or not (including negligence and strict product liability) and irrespective of whether you have been advised of the possibility of any such loss or damage. Each party hereby waives any claims that these exclusions deprive such party of an adequate remedy.

Language transliteration service TRANSLIT.CC forms partnerships or alliances with some of vendors from time to time in order to facilitate the provision of these translation and transliteration products and services to you. Any representation or any warranty info regarding these third party's products or services, as advertised/mentioned on our site(s) is provided by the corresponding third-parties and they are solely responsible for that. TRANSLIT.CC will not be liable to you or any third party for any claims arising from or in connection with such third party products and services. You hereby disclaim and waive any rights and claims you may have against TRANSLIT.CC with respect to third party products and services, to the maximum extent permitted by law.